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Office Buildings… Commercial Complexes… Condominium Complexes … Hospitals… Airports… Restaurants… Industrial Factories. Thousands of today's professional, commercial and retail buildings feature more and bigger windows, atriums and skylights than ever in their open architecture. The more windows and glass, the greater the chance that the sun's heat and damaging rays will wreak their havoc and affect the buildings assets and occupants within.

DUAL REFLECTIVES. VISTA Dual Reflective Commercial Tints are reflective on the outside, providing daytime privacy, as well as a uniform mirrored look from the outside, while from the inside, it has a low internal reflection, allowing a very natural view looking out, but without the glare.

SAVINGS IN ENERGY COST. These films block heat gain during summer by as much as 75% on single pane clear glass and 61% on dual pane clear glass, dramatically reducing the load on airconditioning units, which contributes to more than 40% of a building's energy bills. An free Energy Savings Analysis is offered by our company for buildings with more than 2,500 square feet on glass to estimate the payback period on this smart investment.

COMFORT and CONVENIENCE. Aside from reducing heat gain, these films block out glare by as much as 88%, reducing eyestrain on computer screens and other areas, therefore, building occupants tend to be more productive. The superior scratch-resistant coating provides ease of maintenance and better long term optical clarity.

SUPERIOR FADE PROTECTION. VISTA Dual Reflective Films offer the highest UV protection in the industry at 99.9% reduction, thereby prolonging the life of valuable office assets like furniture, carpets, curtains, blinds, artwork and the most important asset- the EMPLOYEE. VISTA Window Films are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

All VISTA Window Film commercial products come with a 10-year warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, cracking, demetalizzation and delamination from CPFilms, Inc., the largest manufacturer of window films in the world.


VISTA SpectraSelect Window Film, the state-of-the-market in protective window film, enables business owners to let the sunshine-in and display their goods- without worrying about fading, damaged inventories and missed sales opportunities. How?

SPECTRALLY SELECTIVE TECHNOLOGY. This new technology which allows the use of different metals in the film's construction to achieve an optically clear heat-reducing film permits desirable daylight to penetrate interiors while keeping out heat and damaging UV rays.

SHARPEN THE FOCUS OF YOUR MERCHANDISE. This razor-thin film shuts down just the right amount of unwanted glare and reflectivity to bring everything-including satisfied customers- into bright focus. In fact, VISTA SpectraSelect's excellent optical clarity actually seems to SHARPEN THE FOCUS…without darkening interior spaces and compromising visibility from the exterior.

SUPERIOR FADE PROTECTION. With UV inhibitors on the adhesive aside from a separate UV coating, VISTA SpectraSelect blocks out UV by 99.9%, dramatically reducing fading, in spite of the film's optically clear features.

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