Frosted/Graphics Films

Glass Enhancement Films

Achieve the look of etched glass, at a fraction of the cost
Froasted Window FilmOpen unlimited design possibilities, bring out vibrant colour, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces

Have the power to impart privacy and enhance safety in commercial spaces 

LLumar Glass Enhancement Films does more than enhance aesthetics – it serves vital functions, and can be applied to:

· Glass partitions
· Retail displays
· Walkways
· Office doors
· Conference rooms
· Private spaces

LLumar Glass Enhancement Films
can be used to :
· Make glass surfaces clearly and beautifully visible
· Delineate passageways
· Enhance safety in public spaces
· Add flexibility to displays

Available Films and Designs:

Frosted Series:
• Matte Frosted (NRMPS2)
• Matte Frosted Bronze
• Matte Frosted Green
• Frosted Gradient Film
• Dusted Crystal
• Frosted Crystal
• Sandblast Look
• White-Out
• Black Out
• Matte Rice Paper
• Reflective Exterior/ Frosted Interior

Coloured Graphic Series (Stained Glass Look):
• Bright Blue
• Turquoise Blue
• Red
• Yellow
• Emerald Green
• Jade Green
• Orange
• Violet

Pre-patterned Films:
• Fine Lines
• Small Lines
• Bold Lines
• Frosty Squares
• Squares
• Mini Dots
• Small Dots
• Cocoon
• Frosted Bands
• Oriental
• Screened White Stripes
• Fading Effect

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