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Sun Control Films are designed to shield your house, office, building or storefront from the intense heat, glare and UV rays of the sun.
HEAT REDUCTION : It enhances the insulation properties of your building or office saving you energy costs through heat reduction by as much as 75%.
GLARE REDUCTION : It reduces glare, thus preventing eyestrain and allowing better visibility in computer and television screens.
ULTRAVIOLET (UV) RAY REDUCTION : It blocks out 99.9% UV rays, which is the major cause of fading of furniture, carpets, and artwork. UV is also the major cause of skin cancer.
HEAT LOSS REDUCTION : The Low-Emission Films reflect back heat from the furnace during winter time that otherwise goes out through the glass.
DAYTIME PRIVACY : Some reflective films provide daytime privacy where people outside cannot see in, while building occupants can see out.
ENHANCED BUILDING APPEARANCE: The dual-reflective films provide a uniform reflective look on the outside, concealing sources of unsightly objects that diminish the building's appearance, while from the inside, it's low internal reflection allows the building occupants a very natural view.
WELL-BALANCED INTERIOR CLIMATE. The combination of heat reduction during summer and heat loss reduction during winter dramatically reduces hot spots and cold spots in the building, thus improving tenant comfort and providing and more comfortable and productive working environment , likewise reducing complaints.


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