Safety & Security Films

Safety & Security Films are thick, multi-layered Mylar Polyester Films laminated with a very strong and aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side and a durable scratch-resistant coating on the other side and are designed to hold glass together in cases of accidental or deliberate impact on the glass.

BURGLAR-DETERRENT. It helps prevent break-ins in smash-and-grab crimes by delaying physical entry through the glass.

SAFETY AGAINST VIOLENT WEATHER. It can effectively reduce flying glass-related injuries that can result from everything from a hurricane or earthquake tremor.

SECURITY AGAINST TERROR ATTACKS. Together with a patented frame-attachment system, security films effectively protects building occupants from glass-related injuries in cases of terrorist attacks such as bombings. Various levels of film protection are available to address different hazard levels.
These films are usually optically clear without distortion but are likewise available in tinted version to combine safety & security protection with solar protection.

FADE PROTECTION. All these films, including the optically clear films, reduce UV by as much as 99% to help prevent fading.

ANTI-GRAFFITI. These special anti-graffiti films protects expensive glass and flat stainless steel from vandalism such as chemical etching, and graffiti and its special adhesives make it easy to remove and replace.

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