Glass Enhancement Films


Glass Enhancement Films are installed on windows and interior partitions to provide beauty, safety and privacy to what is otherwise "naked glass".
Frost-Etch Film and Sandblast Film give the appearance of etch glass and sandblasted glass but without the high cost and the mess.
These films can be computer-cut or hand-cut to come up with a variety of designs, such as logos, geometric shapes, etc.
Unlike actual etching or sandblasting, these films can be installed on tempered glass.
Unlike actual etch or sandblasted glass, these films can be removed and replaced if the client wants to update the appearance at a later time, without replacing the glass.
The Illusions Series are patterned in themselves, such as White Bamboo, Matte Rice Paper, Crystal Shells, Iced Glue Chip, Iced Abstract, Interlocking Squares, etc. to provide a variety of beauty and privacy combinations.


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